(策定:2020年11月10日) has established the following rules regarding the handling of user information collected for our services provided on the site.

Policy on the definition, collection, use and protection of personal information.

Personal information is defined in Japan’s Personal Information Protection Act. It is information that can be used to identify a living individual. For example, it is Name, date of birth, or other description. It must be able to identify an individual by single or combinations information.

We collect the minimum require of personal information to provide our services. We take necessary measures to prevent the leakage, falsification and unauthorized use of personal information. We will take the necessary measures to manage our security system.

We use your personal information to contact you and send you information with our services.

We may provide personal information to a third party. There are two cases, we have your consent or we are required by law to disclose the information. In other cases, we do not provide personal information to third parties.

The personal information registered on this website can be checked, corrected or deleted as a legal right. In order to exercise that right, you must prove your identity with the necessary documents.

Collection of your traffic data.

This website uses an access analysis tool provided by a third party. When you visit this site, a cookie is stored on your device for collect traffic data. Cookie is collected anonymously and do not personally identify you. If you want you can delete or reject them.

(November 10, 2020.)