WWII 米軍 ブービートラップ 信管 起爆装置「Pull Firing Device M1」レプリカ


WWII U.S. ARMY Booby trap detonator ‘Pull Firing Device M1’ Replica


「Pull Fuze M1」または「Pull Firing Device M1」と呼ばれる引っ張り式のブービートラップ信管です。手榴弾や爆薬、地雷などに取り付けて使用します。先端のリングにトラップワイヤーが取り付けられており、ワイヤーを引っ張ると内部のパーカッションキャップが発火し、先端に取り付けられた非電気式の起爆筒を介して爆発物を起爆させる仕組みになっています。





This is a replica of a booby trap fuse used by the U.S. Army during and after World War II. It is an exact replica of the real one, however, no explosives or other hazardous materials are used and it is structurally safe and inoperable.

It is a pull-type booby trap fuse called “Pull Fuze M1” or “Pull Firing Device M1”. This detonator is used by attaching it to grenades, explosives, mines, etc. A trap wire is attached to the ring at the top of the device, and when the wire is pulled, the internal percussion cap ignites and detonates the explosive through a non-electric detonator attached to the tip of the device.

The item in the exhibit is a casting of the original training item. It has no moving parts and cannot be moved or disassembled, but it has almost the same weight and texture as the real one.

The paint is OD color for live model. In addition to the main body, the kit comes with a ring, two safety pins, an anchor cord and a paper protective cap. Three anchor cords are included in the manual illustration, but this item has two anchor cords to match the example shipped from the factory during the war.

The shape of the tip where the detonator is attached is different from that for the live model. This is because the mold is taken from the actual one used for training.

The material of this product is white metal. It can be attached to your explosives if the socket diameter is correct, but it is not very strong. It may be chipped or deformed if you screw it in too hard or drop it on the hard ground. Please consider it as an ornamental paperweight.

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