WWII 米軍 爆破用点火具「M1 Friction type fuse lighter」 レプリカ


WWII U.S. ARMY “M1 Friction type fuse lighter” Replica

非電気式起爆としてオーソドックスな組み合わせを再現したものです。「M1 Friction type fuse lighter」 (引っ張り点火具)、ダミーの導火線と雷管(銅管)とセットです。

This is a replica of an explosive igniter used by the U.S. Army in World War II. It is a safety piece made of paper, plastic cord, and copper pipe, but it faithfully reproduces the exterior.

It is a non-electric detonator that reproduces the orthodox combination. The set includes the M1 Friction type fuse lighter, a dummy fuse and a blasting cap (copper tube).

The length of the dummy’s fuse is long enough to allow sparks to reach the detonator about 1 to 1.5 minutes after ignition. It is possible to combine with the optional dynamite (replica).

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