WWII 米軍 Kレーション レプリカパッケージ 3種類+Dレーションボックス


WWII U.S. ARMY K-ration packages one day and more, Replica

本商品は、第二次世界大戦時の米軍の戦闘糧食「Ration Type K(Kレーション)」及び「Field Ration D(Dレーション)」を再現したものです。


  • Kレーション外箱ボックス(朝・昼・夜) 3個
  • Kレーション内箱ボックス(朝・昼・夜) 3個
  • タバコ入れケース(Chesterfield) 3個
  • インスタントコーヒー 3個
  • ティッシュ用巻紙 3枚
  • 代用木製スプーン(国産アイスクリーム用) 3個
  • Dレーションボックス 1個






This product is based on the U.S. Army’s World War II combat rations, “Ration Type K (K-ration)” and “Field Ration D (D-ration)”.

The set contents of this product are as follows.

K-ration outer box (morning, day, and night), 3 pieces
K-ration inner box (morning, day and night), 3 pieces
Cigarette case (Chesterfield), 3 pieces
Instant coffee, 3 pieces
Tissue paper, 3 pieces
Wooden spoon, 3 pieces
D-ration box, 1 piece

The K-ration is a set of double-layered boxes with some of the contents reproduced in three different sets: morning, afternoon and evening. Like the real thing, it has a double-layered outer and inner box. Outer box is a reproduction of the colorful printing of the late World War II. Inner box is coated with wax to make it waterproof, which is not reproduced in this item.

D-ration box is a 4 oz. size that was supplied on its own, not the 2 oz. size that came with the K-ration.

This item needs to be assembled. Just fold them along the folds and glue them together where necessary.

After assembly is completed, the size of the K-ration outer box is W180mm x L93mm x H44mm.  And the D-ration box is W102mm x L64mm x H20mm.

Instant coffee contains the contents. You can actually dissolve it in hot water and drink it.

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