WWII 米軍 航空機識別カード 地上部隊教育用 1940年代


WWII U.S. ARMY Aircraft identification cards for ground troop training, 1940’s



These aircraft identification cards were used by the U.S. military during World War II. There are 255 cards illustrating 85 models of aircraft from five countries (U.S., Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan) from three different angles: front, side, and bottom. The reverse side of each card provides a brief description of each aircraft and its characteristics.

This cards use of appears to be for ground troops. The reason for this is that there is no illustration from above and the names of the aircraft are US Army specifications. In addition, unlike most aircraft identification cards, this card has the word “RISTRECTED” on both sides, and the illustration does not have the name of the aircraft on the side of the card.  For these reasons, we consider this card to be for educational use in a rear educational institution, not for use in frontline aircraft identification. The date of manufacture of the card appears to be around 1941-1942, based on the type of aircraft included.


The numbers and names of the aircraft included are listed below.

01: US P-38 Lightning Fighter
02: US P-39 Air Cobra Fighter
03: US P-40 Warhawk Fighter
04: US P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter
05: US P-51 Mustang Fighter
06: US A-20 Havoc/Boston Attack Aircraft
07: US C-54 Skymaster Transport
08: British A-29 Hudson bombers
09: British A-30 Baltimore bomber
10: British A-35 (A-31) Benjamins Attack Aircraft
11: US B-17 Flying Fortress bombers
12: US B-24 Liberator bomber
13: US B-25 Mitchell bomber
14: US B-26 Marauder bomber
15: US C-60 Lodestar Transport
16: US C-46 Command Carrier
17: US C-47 Skytrain/C-53 Skytrooper Transport Aircraft
18: US SBD Dauntless attack aircraft
19: US PV-1 Ventura bomber
20: US F6F Hellcat Fighter
21: US F4F Wildcat Fighter
22: US F4U Corsair Fighter
23: US SB2C Helldiver attack aircraft
24: US TBF Avenger attack aircraft
25: OS2U Kingfisher Observer
26: US SO3C Seagull reconnaissance aircraft
27: US PBM Mariner Amphibian
28: US PBY Catalina Amphibian
29: US PB2Y Coronado Amphibian
30: British Spitfires Fighter
31: British Hurricane Fighter
32: British Typhoon Fighter
33: British Wellington Bomber
34: British Halifax bomber
35: British Sterling Bomber
36: British Lancaster Bomber
37: British BoFighter Fighter
38: British Beaufort Attack Aircraft
39: British Blenheim bombers
40: British Albacore ship strike aircraft
41: British Mosquito Bombers
42: British England Amphibian
43: British Whitley bombers
44: British Hampden bombers
45: British Barracuda, the ship’s lightning strike aircraft
46: German Messerschmitt Me109 Fighter
47: German Focke Wolf Fw190 Fighter
48: German Messerschmitt Me110 Fighter
49: German Junkers Ju87 bombers
50: German Junkers Ju88 bombers
51: German Heinkel He111 bomber
52: German Heinkel He177 bomber
53: German Dornier Do217 bomber
54: German Heinkel He115 Seaplane
55: German Dornier Do26 flying boat
56: German Junkers Ju52 transport aircraft
57: German Focke-Wulf Fw200 bomber
58: German Arad Ar196 water reconnaissance aircraft
59: German Hamburg Ha138 Amphibian
60: German Junkers Ju90 transport aircraft
61: German Junkers Ju290 transport aircraft
62: German Gotha Go242 glider
63: German Messerschmitt Me210 Fighter
64: German Focke Wolf Fw189 reconnaissance aircraft
65: Japan Type 97 Fighter
66: Japan Zero Fighter (Type 21)
67: Japan Type 2 seaplane
68: Japan Zero Fighter (Type 32)
69: Japan Type 97 ship attack aircraft
70: Japan Type 99 ship bombers
71: Japan Type 96 land attack aircraft
72: Japan Type 97 heavy bomber
73: Japan Type 1 land attack aircraft
74: Japan Type 95 water reconnaissance aircraft
75: Japan Type 97 flying boat
76: Japan Type Zero Watercraft
77: Italy Fiat G.50 Fighter
78: Italy Macchi MC.202 Fighter
79: Italy Reggiane Re.2001 Fighter
80: Italy Savoia Marchetti SM.79 bomber
81: Italy Canto Z.1007 bomber
82: Italian Fiat BR.20 bomber
83: US L-1 Vigilant Observer
84: US L-5 Sentinel Observer
85: US L-4 Grasshopper observation aircraft

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