WWII 米軍 テトリトール爆薬 Demolition Block M2 レプリカ


WWII U.S. ARMY Tetrytol “Demolition Block M2” Explosives Replica

This is a replica of an explosive used by the U.S. Army in World War II. It is a safety piece made of plaster and cardboard, but it faithfully reproduces the exterior.

The Tetrytol explosive is a combination of 75% Tetrile and 25% TNT, which increases its power and is about x2.6 more powerful than TNT on a mass conversion basis.

There are two types of Tetrelitol explosives, M1 and M2, M1 is a chain of eight blocks connected by a detonating code and M2 can be used individually one block. This item is a reproduction of M2.

The surface of the item is reproduced with the texture of original. Size is the same as the real one, Weight is a little lighter than the original (Original weighs about 1127 grams, this reproduction item weighs about 900 grams).

M2 has threaded wells at both ends for the attachment of pyrotechnics, priming adapter or grenade fuze and booby trap fuse.

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