WWII 米軍 スプリングフィールドM1903ライフル用クリップ 挿弾子 2個セット


WWII U.S. ARMY Springfield M1903 Rifle Clips, Set of 2


This is a 5 shot clip for the Springfield M1903 rifle that was equipped by the U.S. Army in World War II.  Unused dead stock.
When supplying ammunition for the 1903 rifle, it was supplied in a six-pocket cloth bandoleer. Pockets of the bandoleer contained 10 rounds in a paper insert with two 5-shot clips.
This clips is made of WW2 or later steel. Easily broken nails are still in place.

Dummy cart not included. Clip only. Sold as a set of two clips.

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CONDITION : Very good

Unused dead stock. Functional.


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